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Genres: Drama
Actors: Richard Burton , Ava Gardner , Deborah Kerr , Sue Lyon , Skip Ward , Grayson Hall , Cyril Delevanti , Mary Boylan
Director: John Huston
Country: United States
Year: 1964
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 (6099 votes)

When American minister Reverend T. Lawrence Shannon is expelled from his Virginia church, he travels to Mexico in search of his destiny and sanity. There he becomes a tour guide for a bus load of spinsters and a teenage nymphet named Charlotte Goodall, who is being chaperoned by the group’s leader, the inflexible Judith Fellowes. Miss Fellowes, who is quite jealous of Charlotte’s attentions to Shannon, discovers the young woman in his room and vows to have him fired. To thwart her plot, Shannon takes control of the bus from Hank, the bus driver, and speeds the tour group on a wild ride through the Mexican jungle to the crumbling, secluded hotel of an old friend, the recently widowed Maxine Falk. Eventually Shannon becomes enamored with another guest at the hotel, the rather genteel Hanna Jelkes, an itinerant quick sketch artist and her poet grandfather Nonno. As the wise Hanna partially restores Shannon’s fractured world, Shannon struggles to get back the rest of his sanity and his self-respect.

Film Review

I love watching Richard Burton act. And you can't beat a combination like Burton and Tennessee Williams. It's the kind of dialogue that was meant for an actor of his strengths. The rest of the cast is great to watch too. Especially Deborah Kerr as a middle-aged spinster and artist who has one of the film's best lines,"nothing human disgust me".Something she says while telling a story about a little man who asked her for her underwear. Ava Gardner as innkeeper Maxine is lusty and frail at the same time. And Sue Lyon is, well, doing what Sue Lyon does best, chase older men.There's also a really outstanding performance by an actress, Grayson Hall(wasn't she in Disney's 'That Darn Cat' with Haley Mills?)as a frustrated, frumpy baptist chaperone who frightens poor little Richard Burton and almost makes him flip-out and kill himself.There are some really great lines here by theater lion Tennessee Williams. One of my favorites was when Burton…

if for some reason you come across someone who just doesn't understand why Richard Burton or Tennessee Williams are two of the most important persons in American film or theatrical history, a viewing of "Night of the Iguana" should answer their questions.While "Igunaga" is the last of Tennessee's big plays (it debuted on Broadway on my birthday and perhaps that is why I have something of a cosmic obsession with this work), it is not a minor or faltering work in any manner of speaking. Tennessee's unspoken past psychological beatings of central characters and the hopeless devotion of at least one character to a loved one are both here … these two ingredients almost always fuel a Tennessee play as they play against each other like a hot and cold weather front, approaching and retracting throughout until they collide and the tornado is born. Other ingredients common for this final maelstrom is the over-righteous and hateful 'Christian' who i…

Richard Burton was of course famous for his Shakespearean acting which didn't always translate well to movies. Even so, he gives a better than average performance here in what is essentially a filmed stage play.There is not much of a plot, which is quite unusual for a movie directed by John Huston. It is Huston's birthday today and TCM celebrates this with showing some of his best films and also this.Huston was a notorious tough guy director but in his later career he switched gears and directed what you would call "chick flicks" today. Since Richard Burton and Deborah Kerr are an acquired taste it is hard to sit through a movie where both of them talk and talk. But to my surprise I quite liked the talk which was quite funny at times.Ava Gardner looks a bit worn out. Perhaps Sinatra had finally broken her but she does quite well. And the old man, Cyril Delavanti is both hilarious and touching.So if you're not into heavy melodrama this is definitely one you should…