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Genres: Action , Crime , Sport
Actors: Loren Avedon , Richard Jaeckel , Don Stroud , Billy Blanks , Sherrie Rose , William Long Jr. , David Michael Sterling , Keith Cooke , Ong Soo Han , Jerry Trimble , Bruce Fontaine , Patrick Shuck , John Kay , Michael Depasquale Jr. , Dean Harrington
Director: Lucas Lowe
Country: Hong Kong, United States
Year: 1990
IMDB Rating: 4.8/10 (526 votes)

Kahn is a heavy weight kick-box champion, who often kills his opponents in front of the running camera, to sell it on video tape. Jake had to witness once how his brother was killed by him, and now has come for revenge. But first he has to improve his fighting skills; he asks Phang, the only person in the whole world who ever had Khan down on his back, to train him until he is a match for him. Written by Tom Zoerner Jake Donahue is a New York cop and an energetic warrior with a destiny ahead of him. However, Jake’s cowboy ways are unorthodox, but very effective when it comes to putting the criminal element out of business and after successfully putting a gang of drug dealers out of business, Jake’s captain informs him that Interpol needs his help in Thailand to bust up a snuff ring that involves making and selling movies that involve people really getting killed. At first, Jake wants no part in it but after watching a confiscated tape, he is enraged to learn that the person who’s starring in these snuff movies is Khan, a mountain of pure muscle, superhuman strength, deadly kicking abilities and most of all, possessing a ruthless fighting spirit. Many years ago, Jake’s older brother Sean, who was a heavyweight kickboxing champion had just won his eighth victory in the rings of Thailand, even though someone had told him to throw the fight. Little did Sean know was that victory would be his last, as Khan and his thugs ambush him and his brother Jake. Sean succeeds in defeating the first wave of attackers, but Khan’s style of fighting is so fast and brutal, that a three-kick combo puts Sean on his back (and into an early grave). Jake witnesses this and is consumed with rage for the death of his brother. Jake tries to fight Khan, but Khan just kicks the slime out of the youngster and he is orphaned and left for dead. Now an adult, Jake sees that the time for vengeance is perfect and he goes to Thailand, where one of the locals tells him that his skills won’t be enough if he’s trying to take down Khan. The local tells him that Prang, a drunken hermit with supreme kicking ability is the only one who ever came close to putting Khan on his back and that Jake should see him for training. At first, Prang is reluctant to teach Jake since his motive for going after Khan is vengeance, but decides to train him anyway since Khan is using his skills to kill people on tape. After telling Jake the story of how he lost to Khan, Prang begins Jake’s days of training which has many painful trials; including ignoring blows to his body and avoiding Khan’s three-kick combo technique. When Molly, a young wannabe model and supposed slave girl of Khan’s gets caught up in the mix, Jake and Prang may be the only defenders left to stop Khan and bust up the snuff ring for good.

Film Review

So you thought you could go to Thailand and win a kickbox fight and everything would be all right, WRONG. There's tradition and honor and snuff films being made on the side and your brother is dead now What-cha-goona do brother? Your going to train your but off and avenge his death. This movie goes beyond good, Loren Avedon is the brother of a champion kickboxer whose brutally slain by a seemingly unavoidable three kick combination that bad guy turned abdominal maximizer Billy Blanks throws with reckless abandon. This is a martial arts movie where people look like there really getting hurt. And if you haven't seen No Retreat No Surrender 3 blood brothers, do yourself a favor and try that one. Just about anything L.A. is in im into, he knows how to woo the lady's and he knows how to throw a mean roundhouse kick. The back story gives way to the training sequence which ends up with the showdown. And plenty of repeatable quotes in between. My favorite is at the end when Lor…

Loren Avedon stars as Jake Donahue…try and guess from the name what his occupation is…yes; correct, he's a cop. Not only that, he's your stereotypical cop on the edge who plays by his own rules, and you can bet that his actions on the streets always have the "mayor up the commissioners a**".During a visit to Thailand when he was a kid, he witnessed his Kick Boxing champ of a brother get the tar beat out of him by big bad a** Khan (Billy Blanks)…His brother died, and then Jake got a spanking too ("Something to remember me by!" – Khan). This event turned Jake into the man he is today…a right p****d off barrel of p**s and vinegar.After Jake spanks a bit too much a**e whilst undercover, his captain assigns him to investigate a snuff movie racket in Thailand. Whilst viewing a couple of the movies (one of which just so happens to be No Retreat, No Surrender 3 which starred Avedon) he sees Khan, the man who murdered his brother. Goddamn, D…

I played Mr Director, a talking bit-part, in the filming on-location at Khao Yai National Park, Thailand.I won't bore you with production secrets like Sherri Rose running all the way from the National Park to downtown Bangkok in 17 seconds flat, I'll just focus on content.Billy Blanks at that time was 7-Time All-World Full-Contact Karate Champion, in excellent form, hard as nails, and Avedon wasn't.This sets the basic dilemma for the director: Keith Hirabachi was an All-American champion, Billy was a champion, but the STAR of the film wasn't up to much at all, karate-wise! So there are shots in the film where, in the thick of brawling, Avedon's hair changes to the exact color of his stunt-double's hair… or that ridiculous scene in the climax where Billy's thick, kicking leg is stopped by Avedon, who then ADJUSTS IT, in order to flip Billy…Puh-leeze! Billy's bits, and Keith's and Ong's… they're authentic, and add something to the film…..