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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama
Actors: Daryl Hannah , Brad Renfro , Dominique Swain , Eric Mabius , Alex Rocco , Shawn Woods , Alanna Hanly , Kiva Dawson , Joseph Whipp , Michelangelo Kowalski , Bruce Nozick , Anne Betancourt , Kira Tirimacco , Bill Kelly , Terri Youngblood
Director: Kenny Golde
Country: United States
Year: 2003
IMDB Rating: 4.6/10 (622 votes)

Sometimes the best hitman is a woman.

Film Review

(May have spoilers)I rented this one lured by the front cover of the box which showed Daryl Hannah pointing at the camera with a gun. Heck, this can be fun, I thought…As I put the movie in the player, my mind glided back to the movies I had seen her in… "Attack of the giant women" (or whatever)… CRAP!… "Kill Bill"… FUN CRAP!…. "Wall street"… great, but she has a meaningless role. A feeling of repentance arised from my depths.The movie starts fine. CJ MArch is meant to shoot a guy and retrieve half a million in drugs. She wipes out the guy rather coolly but the drugs aren’t there. From here on everything tumbles to dust. The stuff is in hands of a teen couple. She goes to a bar to get laid and wake up alone at the other day, but all she ends up with is a devotional former priest.She later finds the couple but she can’t bring herself to kill them because the chick of the couple is pregnant. Could this worsen anymore? YES, CJ IS PREGNANT TOO!!…

A friend lent me a bootleg DVD with Matrix Revolutions and Return of the King on, looking to remedy the appalling gaps in my knowledge of contemporary cinema. Apparently this is what the cool kids watch whilst I gobble down Myrna Loy flicks. Having consumed both of those films (one good, the other less so) I decided to watch The Job, included on the same £5 DVD. I was aware that it would be dreadful, and indeed it was.Daryl Hannah plays a hitwoman who encounters all sorts of problems whilst trying to carry out a hit. She is pregnant and spends much of the film lacerating herself in an attempt to kill her potentially adorable offspring. At the same time, she feels empathy for the wife of her target, also pregnant. So far, so crap, but it gets worse … Hannah’s boss is a borderline psychopath. We know this because he shouts a lot. He also asks her to undress, which she does, though you don’t see anything, which seems rather cruel since the audience has to sit through enough risib…

"The Job" is all about Hannah as a beautiful contract killer with a really bad attitude. This lame flick builds its story around her reluctance to make a final "hit" for reasons we’re never really given to understand. We’re led to believe she’s killed often before but now, for whatever vague reason, she just doesn’t want to "off" Renfro and his slutty girlfriend (Swain) to recover some drugs. And, if she doesn’t fulfill her obligation and do the deed, her boss (Rocco), who looks too old to be able to pose a threat to anyone, will do something bad to her. And, if all that wasn’t enough, she also has to contend with a young man (Mabius) who is falling in love with her in spite of her bad attitude, constant rejections, and a little problem with incipient motherhood. This far fetched bad idea conjures some decent performances and is adequately lensed and scored but can’t escape its preposterous plot. It’s asking us to care about a killer for no good reason an…