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Genres: Romance , Drama , Adventure
Actors: Alex Jennings , Kate Hudson , Djimon Hounsou , Nick Holder , James Hillier , Megan Hall , Lucy Gordon , Karim Doukkali , Angela Douglas , Andy Coumbe , James Cosmo , Daniel Caltagirone , Campbell Brown , Mohamed Bouich , Wes Bentley
Director: Shekhar Kapur
Country: United Kingdom, United States
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 (20046 votes)

Set in 1884 Sudan, this fifth film to be adapted from the A.E.W. Mason novel follows a British officer who resigns his post right before his regiment ships out to battle the rebels. Perceiving his resignation as cowardice, his friends and fiancée give him four white feathers, the symbol of cowardice, but little do they know he’s actually going undercover and plans to redeem his honor.

Film Review

I watched this movie again out of homage to Heath Ledger. I still lament the death of this fine young actor. I trust he would have appreciated anyone sitting through this movie out of respect for him. I also trust that anyone who has seen the original Zoltan Korda's "The Four Feathers" (1939) will concur that this movie does not hold a candle to the original. NOT IN ANY SHAPE MANNER NOR FORM! So, in brief, please watch the 1939 film. You will be amazed at the difference, the grandeur, the historicity, the inspired acting, and the coherent plot. All this and more is lacking in the 2002 version. (I apologize for the harshness of my review to the fans of this movie. But, trust me, if you see the earlier version, you'll see where I'm coming from.)

The 1939 version of The Four Feathers remains one of the best movies ever made, even 70 years on from its release. It seems strange that this particular story should see cinematic light once again in 2002 – grand, colonial adventures of this kind don't seem to get made very often these days. Having said that, a director as innovative as Shekhar Kapur (of "Bandit Queen" and "Elizabeth") should ensure the film has the potential to approach its oft-told story from a few fresh angles. Kapur's slant on the story is visually breathtaking and has by far the most realistic battle sequences of any version made so far. But it also feels excessively studied and serious at times, with an occasionally unclear narrative and too many international actors trying (only partially successfully) to pull off upper class English accents. The end product is still a good film, but you can sense that somewhere inside there's an outstanding film trying to get out.Men of the…

The Four Feathers won't be considered a great film when history is through with it, but the beauty and epic nature of the film should still be admired. Much like many other films very similar to it (Master and Commander, Last Samurai and Hero) the landscape and sets are the major reasons to watch the film.While the historical context in this film was weeded out by political correctness, one cannot deny the work and talent that was put into this film. Heath Ledger and Wes Bently were both good in this film, showing some potential as great actors in roles that were rather hard to fill. However, Kate Hudson once again showed she has no acting ability to speak of, causing me to convulse every time she vomited a word out her mouth.While other remake of this film will be deemed better in regards to historical accuracy and possibly from an acting standpoint, but this film easily has them beat in the cinematography department.