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Genres: Crime , Drama
Actors: Martin Compston , William Ruane , Annmarie Fulton , Michelle Abercromby , Michelle Coulter , Gary McCormack , Tommy McKee , Calum McAlees , Robert Rennie , Martin McCardie , Robert Harrison , George McNeilage , Rikki Traynor , Jon Morrison , Junior Walker
Director: Ken Loach
Country: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 (7663 votes)

Liam is a young, restless teen struggling to realize his dream in the gritty and dismal streets of Greenock, where unemployment is rampant and little hope is available to the city’s youth. He is waiting for the release of his mother, Jean, from prison where she is completing a prison term for a crime that her boyfriend actually committed. Her boyfriend, Stan, is a crude and obnoxious drug pusher is partnered by Liam’s equally rough and foul-mouthed, mean-spirited grandfather. Liam is determined to rescue his mother from both of them, which means creating a safe haven beyond their reach. But first he’s got to raise the cash–no small feat for a young man It’s not long before Liam and his pals’ crazy schemes lead them into all sorts of trouble. Finding himself dangerously out of his depth, Liam knows he should walk away. Only this time, he just can’t let go. Written by Sujit R. Varma In the shipyard town of Greenock, Liam is a typical teenager, in some ways, causing trouble and absorbing everything which goes on around him like a sponge. He has already has his fair share of troubles however, his mother is unjustly in prison, with a drug dealing boyfriend awaiting her release. Liam dreams of taking his mother away from all the problems in their life and starting afresh in a caravan park in the quiet village of West Kilbride. This means Liam must find a way to get money quick to fund the caravan, which leads him into all sorts of problems with the law, and makes him all sorts of new enemies, who are looking for any way to punish him.

Film Review

I wasn't that fond of this film if I'm going to be truthfull. The acting was good for a low budget film and the storyline was quite good but most of it was just confusing. I have met some Scottish people in my life and i understood them but the accent in this was unbelievably strong, i might as well have put it on mute. I enjoyed the realism of the film and i could actually believe it happened. I got confused at the end when Liam was on the beach and on the phone to Chantelle, i couldn't understand the phone call. I also though Liams 16th birthday party was a housewarming party, the mis-en-scen clearly didn't impress me that much. Give it a watch if you like gritty British films with crude language

Ken Loach has accustomed us to indicting the society indifference to all what occurs to underprivileged British classes. I watched better films of his, such as "My name is Joe" and "Carla’s song", but "Sweet Sixteen" has a dramatic sense that is really emotional. The director portrays in a lacerating way these sad lives, ineluctably taking to violence and crime; obviously, his political point of view is fixed and definite, but the way he presents the plights of unlucky people is memorable, as he shows situations full of anger, heart and frustration; tout ensemble, I would say it’s another piece of genuine screen realism, with skillful and fine acting.

I went into this film with no preconceptions about its nature. I was expecting a sort of bittersweet coming-of-age tale judging by the title alone. What i got was a gritty uncompromising tale of growing up in a drug infested section of Scotland. A very intelligent 15yr old youth is determined to reassemble his family upon the emanate return of his incarcerated Mother. He manages, with a certain tragic costs, to assimilate himself into the local crime gang and upon his mother's release from prison he is greeted with somewhat shocking repercussion's that lead to tragic consequences. The film rings true in every sense. We are treated to insights into lower-class Scottish society that maintain an authenticity that is hard to fake. All the performances are deftly handled and the script keeps you hanging on until the end. Overall, a very fine film.