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Genres: Drama , Thriller
Actors: Polly Walker , Luc Picard , Isabelle Blais , Louis Ferreira , Isabelle Cyr , Julie La Rochelle , Pascale Montpetit , Elizabeth Robertson , Domini Blythe , John Dunn-Hill , Kyra Azzopardi , Tony Robinow , Claude Préfontaine , Susan Glover , Robert Higden
Director: Mario Azzopardi
Country: Canada, United Kingdom
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (586 votes)

Based on real-life events in Canada in the late 1980’s, social worker Paula Jackson investigated a commune run by a messiah-like figure who referred to himself as Moses. Jackson’s findings uncovered disturbing mental and physical abuses of this cult’s members by its maniacal leader. Soon, Jackson found herself fighting to save Moses’s followers.

Film Review

Commune and polygamy cults are always interesting to me, so I was quite interested in seeing ‘Savage Messiah’, a supposedly true story about a cult-like figure who had his own commune in the hills in the Quebec country. Funny how I didn’t hear about this until I watched this movie. Interesting. Anyways, the leader of course, treats his women and kids like garbage, while the women feel this is the price to pay, as he is their God in some ways. The Quebec children’s ministry had a different say, and the story is about the fight to rescue the children, and ultimately, the wives, out of there. While this is an amazing subject, the big problem I had with this is Luc "Engage!" Picard’s overboard portrayal of Roch Theriault. From the minute he appears on the screen, he’s chewing it up furiously as the leader. Everyone else is fine in this movie, but Picard is just annoying. The other problem I had with this, is the ridiculous religious iconography the director chose on certain scen…

Did he really get drunk and stick the knife in her hand? So instead of going to a hospital emergency room, she went directly to the concerned social workers office?? I find that hard to believe!I see this is based on a true story… "Paul Kaihla and Ross Laver. Savage Messiah: The Shocking Story of Cult Leader Roch Theriault and the Women Who Loved Him. Doubleday Canada, October 1993,"No where did this movie try to explain the hold this man had on these women.They added in one New Age healing scene and a few words about him being Moses or something. Absolutely no justification was offered why these women did what they did. **Think** why would a woman live in a cramped wooden shack in the middle of nowhere Canada? Why would she subject her children to this one mans abuse? I guess I will have to read the BOOK this movie is based on to get a more complete picture.There are some very objectionable scenes in this movie. I would never let my children see this film. Not because of …

Roch Theriault was a charismatic leader of a tiny religious group near Burnt River, Ont., between 1977 and 1989. His religious cult became increasingly bizarre and cruel, however, and soon social workers and police were investigating reports of abuse of the women and children and eventually the death of an infant. Theriault chopped off the hand of one of his concubines and killed his wife by disemboweling her. Theriault, who wanted to be called Moses, was brilliant at manipulating both the legal system and vulnerable individuals, but he also had a maniacal streak that triggered brutal punishment and even torture. He is one of the craziest and sickest criminal(s) in Canadian history. He is serving a life sentence after being convicted of murder in 1993.