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Genres: Crime , Film-Noir , Drama
Actors: Fred MacMurray , Philip Carey , Kim Novak , Dorothy Malone , E.G. Marshall , Allen Nourse
Director: Richard Quine
Country: United States
Year: 1954
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (656 votes)

A bank heist yields $210,000. Soon, sultry Lona McLane, girlfriend of one of the robbers, meets Paul Sheridan and has a torrid affair. When she finds out Paul’s a cop, to save herself she sets out to corrupt him. He’s a pushover. But it won’t be easy for Paul to get his hands on the money when he’s part of a complex, peeping-tom stakeout. Soon, he’s in much deeper than he’d planned, amid atmospheric night scenes.

Film Review

"Pushover" was the introductory film for legendary Hollywood actress Kim Novak, who had previously only been on screen for a few seconds between two separate movies. Here she plays a leading role alongside Fred MacMurray, Phil Carrey, E.G. Marshall, and Dorothy Malone in a film which is really nothing special. It's just another one of the early black-and-white crime noir movies that were very popular at that time. Don't misunderstand my critiquing. I am not impugning the movie, I'm just saying that it's about average and I had a good time watching it, so I give it three stars out of four.Novak plays the girlfriend of a mobster who is smitten with an undercover police detective played by Fred MacMurray. Eventually, their secretive romance leads up in the deaths of two men and they must try to figure a way to get out of it along with the two hundred thousand dollars the mobster robbed during a bank holdup after he murdered a police officer. The only trouble is,…

At twenty-one, Kim Novak never looked better. She has a wistful quality that at the same time seems to exude oestrus. Her voice is a helpless whisper that adds to the impression that she's just aching to be taken advantage of. It's entirely understandable that MacMurray should go ga ga over her.Here's the story. MacMurray meet Novak in the course of doing his job, but they fall for each other. The problem is that Novak belongs to another man, someone with a great deal of money. The duplicitous pair plot to kill the other man and take his money. There is, however, another problem. Things begin to go wrong, first a little, then in mighty important ways. An innocent bystander accidentally bumps into MacMurray while he's carrying out the murder. She might identify him if she meets him again. And there's still another problem. MacMurry has a keen boss who is at first misled as to the nature of the plot but then begins to unravel it. In the end, MacMurray is shot an…

It’s Fred MacMurray again, as a virtuous agent for the causes of good. Instead of playing an insurance salesman with an eye for the fast buck, here he’s playing a cop assigned to shadow Novak, the mobster’s moll. Kim Novak is as beautiful as she’s ever appeared on the screen. The lighting in her early scenes is as dramatic and sensual as it can be. Who wouldn’t fall in love with her? Comparisons with Double Indemnity just can’t be ignored. She is the vamp that Barbara Stanwyck could never be. She’s softer and more feminine in that 50’s style, and less hard-edged than Stanwyck, which makes her much more dangerous. Novak’s generally wooden acting style & "flat affect" gives way to a softer sex-kitten demeanor. MacMurray’s character is a more active participant in the events that unfold than in "DD", where he seemed to get his courage and strength from Stanwyck’s cold & calculating personna. Billy Wilder could have made this a masterpiece, but even without …