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Genres: Fantasy , Comedy , Romance
Actors: Robert Montgomery , Evelyn Keyes , Claude Rains , Rita Johnson , Edward Everett Horton , James Gleason , John Emery , Donald MacBride , Don Costello , Halliwell Hobbes , Benny Rubin
Director: Alexander Hall
Country: United States
Year: 1941
IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 (2888 votes)

Boxer Joe Pendleton, flying to his next fight, crashes…because a Heavenly Messenger, new on the job, snatched Joe’s spirit prematurely from his body. Before the matter can be rectified, Joe’s body is cremated; so the celestial Mr. Jordan grants him the use of the body of wealthy Bruce Farnsworth, who’s just been murdered by his wife. Joe tries to remake Farnsworth’s unworthy life in his own clean-cut image, but then falls in love; and what about that murderous wife?

Film Review

"Here Comes Mr. Jordan" stars Robert Montgomery as Joe Pendleton, a prize fighter who, hurtling toward earth in his damaged plane, is taken to heaven prematurely by a new heavenly worker (Edward Everett Horton). Upon reaching the gates, it appears that the book states that Joe isn't scheduled to head skyward until 1991. An attempt to return his spirit to his body fails since Joe was cremated; Joe ends up in the body of a business tycoon, Farnsworth, just drowned by his wife and male secretary, except Farnsworth is suddenly not dead. Joe as Farnsworth meets Bette (Evelyn Keyes) and falls in love with her while wreaking havoc with the man's money and business and continuing to aggravate his wife and secretary. Then Mr. Jordan comes to him with some really bad news.This is a delightful movie, and though "Heaven Can Wait," its '70s remake, was very enjoyable, how could it be as good or better when Claude Rains and Robert Montgomery are in the original? Mont…

Terrific story of a pug who dies prematurely and comes back down to earth only to take the form of 2 other gentlemen. Seems that he had been cremated before it was realized in heaven that it wasn't his time to go yet.Robert Montgomery gave a memorable turn as the fighter, business man and other fighter again in this whimsical tale. James Gleason steals the movie as his over-wrought manager who knows what's going on but is unable to reveal the substantive details without being thought of as crazy.Then, there is Claude Rains as the leader in heaven.Evelyn Keyes is given the meatier role of his girlfriend during his 2nd existence and at the end. She really rids herself of the Sue-Ellen image 2 years earlier from "Gone With the Wind."

Many of you are probably familiar with the story because you've seen the Warren Beaty movie, HEAVEN CAN WAIT–which is a remake of HERE COMES MR. JORDAN. While the stories are very similar, I give the edge to the original though they are both very watchable and fun films.Boxer Joe Pendleton is on an airplane that seems about to crash. So, an angel played by Edward Everett Horton snatches him up just before the inevitable and brings him to the great beyond. However, once there, the boss, Mr. Jordan (Claude Rains), informs them that Pendleton would have survived the crash and was brought to his eternal reward too soon. But, since the body was destroyed due to Horton's incompetence, they have a problem! Well, the only way around it is to stick Pendleton in the body of a person who really does die–sort of an even exchange. But, they don't want a body that's in bad shape, so they pick a guy that was poisoned. The guy whose life and body he takes is a rich guy whose schemin…