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Genres: Action , Comedy
Actors: Weng Weng , Yehlen Catral , Carmi Martin , Anna Marie Gutierrez , Beth Sandoval
Director: Eddie Nicart
Country: Philippines
Year: 1981
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (408 votes)

Mr. Giant has kidnapped the brilliant Dr. Van Kohler and is planning to use the Doctor’s invention, the N-bomb, to hold the world hostage. The only one who can foil Mr. Giant’s evil scheme is Agent 00, a 3-foot-tall filipino martial arts master, expert marksman, top-class romancer and all-around superspy. Can Agent 00 rescue Dr. Kohler before it’s too late?

Film Review

This is probably the only action movie in history, where the bad guys will shoot at the hero, who's standing right out in the open; miss every time, and it actually makes sense. This is also, the best Philippino, midget, spy-spoof ever made. It's loaded with non-stop action, funny slapstick, and some of the campiest dialog ever written; lines like: "His making a monkey out of the forces of evil!" and, "So, thats how you control your little Wang," are guaranteed to have you laughing hysterically (unless of course you happen to be a humorless beast, without a soul). The concept for this film is also strangely believable; midgets really would make the best spy's, think about it; they can easily hide in smallest, most uncomfortable places, they are very difficult to shoot, and when it comes to hand-to-hand-combat, they have no difficulty attacking vulnerable targets, such as the knees, and groin. Weng Weng (the star of this movie) is a great comedic acto…

Let’s not beat around the bush, WENG-WENG is a bad-ass, make no mistake. And in FOR YOUR HEIGHT ONLY, he proves it, in spades. If terrorists don’t want to get killed, then don’t mess with AGENT ’00’ WENG, comes accross like a mixture of CHARLES BRONSON and STEVEN SEAGAL in his quest to bring down the crime syndicate (ran by MR GIANT!) and anyone that crosses this (verticly-challenged) super-spy, will be cut a new ass-hole. Some people have (foolishly) accused this movie, of being a second-rate rip-off of the JAMES BOND franchise…but it’s just a coincidence. Forget the wimpish PIERCE BROSNAN, and his army of 12 year old fans, and watch a tough-guy go to work (allbeit, a 3 and a half foot tough-guy!)SAMPLE DIALOGUE;WOMAN; "your’e a great person, you know!"WENG; "You know what they say, it aint the size, it’s the way you use it!"WOMAN; "Yes..but are you a sexual animal?"WENG; (in his best WOODY ALLEN voice)…"I don’t know!"WOMAN; " I’m cra…

For Y'ur Height Only is set in the Philippines where the Government's most dangerous weapon is secret agent 00 (Weng Weng) who despite his small proportions is as hard as nails, a sort of midget James Bond if you will. The evil Mr. Giant, the head of a large crime syndicate, orders his men to kidnap scientist Dr. Kohler (Mike Cohen) so he can extract the information out of him that will allow Mr. Giant to make a deadly N-bomb & hold the entire world to ransom! Secret agent 00 is assigned to the case, armed with all manner of highly sophisticated gadgets & his unparallelled skills agent 00 feeds off information given to him by undercover agent Irma (Beth Sandoval). The fate of the entire world is in his tiny hands!This Philippino production was directed by Eddie Nicart who is also credited on the IMDb (but not the film itself) as the stunt coordinator, one has to say that For Y'ur Height Only is an experience if nothing else. I doubt that there are many people out t…