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Genres: Action , Thriller
Actors: Austin Stoker , Darwin Joston , Laurie Zimmer , Martin West , Tony Burton , Charles Cyphers , Nancy Kyes , Peter Bruni , John J. Fox , Marc Ross , Alan Koss , Henry Brandon , Kim Richards , Frank Doubleday , Gilbert De la Pena
Director: John Carpenter
Country: United States
Year: 1976
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 (20075 votes)

Police ambush and kill several gang members in Los Angeles. Gang members make a pact of blood to strike back at police, and conduct a siege on the police station which is almost abandoned and due to be closed. Staff of the closing precinct and the criminals being held there while in transit must work together to fight off the attacking gang members. Written by Scott McKenna In Los Angeles, the street gangs unite and declare war to the police. Meanwhile, a father stops his car in a suburb and his daughter goes to an ice-cream truck to buy a vanilla ice-cream. She is murdered in cold blood by a member of one gang. The father follows the guy, kills him with many shots and runs to the Precinct 13. The policeman Bishop has just assumed the police station, which is not in operation but waiting to be closed on the next morning. With him, there are two women: the telephone operator and Leigh. A few moments before the arrival of the shocked father, a bus transporting three prisoners had stopped there and the escort policemen requested cells to lock the prisoners while waiting for a doctor for one of them that is ill. Suddenly the precinct is under siege and violent attack of street gangs. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil A gang of murderous punks trap a man inside a nearly abandoned police station in Los Angeles, and the prisoners and policemen inside must fight for their lives. A modernized “Rio Bravo”. Written by Philip Brubaker An L.A. street gang declares war on a police station about to be shut down that has given refuge to a man who has witnessed a gang slaying. Because of the shutdown, the phones and electricity have been turned off, and gang members await outside with knives and guns where the precinct has been totally shut off from the outside world.

Film Review

Lieutenant Bishop is assigned to supervise the last day of an old precinct police station which is closing down. This dead end job turns into a nightmare when a catatonic man staggers in pleading for help, a notorious killer en route to Death Row arrives, and a vicious street gang besiege the building and avow death for all inside …John Carpenter, like most of the best filmmakers, carved his career out of adversity. He didn't have connections or easy breaks, and he didn't make career moves. He clawed out his own path, without compromise, through skill, hard work and dedication. Assault On Precinct 13, his second film, made for the tender sum of around $100,000, is a complete masterpiece; one of the best movies of the seventies, and a stunning achievement given the resources he had available. Almost every other equivalent film looks cheap, features nudity and has dated badly. By contrast, this film looks sensational (it's in Panavision), features brilliant writing (by the…

I must say this movie is very impressive considering it is of of John Carpenters first movies. Now except from some minor flaws in the effects and setup, this movie has some great characters, is well written, and has the atmosphere and suspense well known for Carpenter movies.There's really not much to say about the story, the IMDb synopsis speaks for itself and I'll just say; "See it", rather than go on spoiling the storyline.Now I loved this movie, it's very simple but effective, and I would personally put this on a John Carpenter top five movie list. he managed to perfect his directing abilities in his later movies, but considering this was among his first, I was really impressed. Plus, I'f you're a person which has little trouble with films with small budgets, in this movie it hardly shows, so don't worry. And of course the acting must not be overlooked, Austin Stoker as Bishop and Darwin Joston as Wilson was excellent.My verdict is 8/10 for…

I probably saw this movie for the first time about three decades ago and it had such an impact I never forgot it to this day. So naturally as I relive my favorite films of the past I called this one up from my local library system. Way back when I had no idea who John Carpenter was, so seeing his name attached to the flick today just blew me away. The acclaimed horror master not only wrote and directed this mini-masterpiece, but also wrote the music for the haunting soundtrack. It's a pulsating, primal rhythm that perfectly complements the building tension inside an abandoned Los Cruces, California precinct, as a lone police lieutenant (Austin Stoker) teams with hardened convicts and a pair of female employees of the department to defend their turf and try to stay alive. One of the women (Nancy Kyes) doesn't last long, a victim of the crossfire between the opposing sides. However Laurie Zimmer's character Leigh carries on, exuding a trashy sexiness in close quarters wit…