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Genres: Sci-Fi , Action
Actors: Rae Latt , Sean C. Cooper , Gerald Webb , David Light , Ted Monte , Chacko Vadaketh , Cedric Scott , Kyle Morris , Nick Afanasiev , Katie Wilson , Julie McCullough , Patrick Labyorteaux , Wesley Waite , Darren Anthony Thomas , Andrew Pinon
Director: Travis Fort
Country: United States
Year: 2011
IMDB Rating: 2.4/10 (1981 votes)

A World Frozen Over … A Family Torn Apart.

Film Review

I'm watching this movie as I write this. I stumbled onto it on a Saturday morning and still have 20 minutes left. I must admit, I missed the first half hour. Thankfully, I'm watching it for free on SYFY. I decided it was so terrible that I had to see what people were saying about it. Some of the reviews are very funny…and true. This is an awful movie. Truly, the acting is awful…the characters are stupid…the dialog sucks…it's inconsistent as all hell….the special effects are laughable…oh my..there's just too many things that I can't even list them all. I'm slightly amused by the sheer awfulness of it all. If nothing else, it led to me reading the reviews…which has given me some big laughs. How sad is it when the reviews of a movie are way more entertaining than the film itself? I do want to thank those who wrote those great reviews that gave me such pleasure today.

Seeing the moon falling onto Earth would not shock you as much as this movie – yes, it's that bad. It's not easy to watch, but if you manage, you'll see some of the most amazing things in your entire life bar none, because this baby is packed:SPOILERS below !- you have a giant glacier the size of Australia running wild around the country side crushing everything in its path for a plot,I kid you not. You are shown volcanoes erupting somewhere north and in a matter of minutes the glacier is already ravaging entire cities in the US. They estimate the speed at 200 mph, but it's most likely 10 times that( I mean the glacier traveled from it's initial location to the city where the action starts, faster than our characters could get from the airport to their home to pack their bags) – wow, that's a pretty fast glacier. First of all the Great icecap is at the south Pole, not north Pole, but never mind that as the brain must be completely shut down in order to pr…

Each time that I put a DVD from SyFy or The Asylum in my system I know that it's going to suck big times and still I kept watching them. Some are watchable and do have a story but Ice Age doesn't and it is a real turkey.This should be a disaster movie but it fails on all parts. The effects used are really cheap and stupid CGI. Even the snow drops are done CGI. When New York is under attack of the ice it isn't frightening. It's a big laugh. You still see people sitting outside drinking and having fun, only the two main characters are afraid of the Ice Age. Only their car is full of snow, the rest doesn't. And it even goes stupider, they are involved in a car crash and even a plain crash but none of them got hurt or even get a scratch. The icedrops falling from the sky do look ridiculous too. Overall, Ice Age is really bad and maybe the worst I have seen so far from The Asylum but…if you like Z-flicks then this is a must see. Invite some friends, have a beer, …