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Genres: Comedy , Romance
Actors: Eva Röse , Niklas Engdahl , Lena Nyman , Eagle Eye Cherry , Lotta Östlin Stenshäll , Harald Lönnbro , Bjørn Sundquist , Margareta Byström , Mathias Evanne , Sofia Bach , Iwa Boman , Moa Westeson , Ing-Marie Carlsson , Lars-Erik Friberg , Henriette Steenstrup
Director: Anette Winblad
Country: Norway, Sweden
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 4.6/10 (263 votes)

A single dog hairdresser meets romance when spending a weekend at a health resort.

Film Review

The idea behind the film is not really brand new, but it is very well done and watching it was good fun. Eagle Eye Cherry as the old lady's caretaker was awesome. The characters in Att göra en Pudel are sort of extreme but still authentic. A woman who dresses the the hair of dogs as the new age Cinderella is brilliant. Although it is hard to believe that a journalist who has bashed people for so long can really change into a compassionate and loving man, the message "do good and good things will come back to you" came across. I recommend this film to everyone who likes to watch romantic films with loads of humour. "Att göra en Pudel" is one of the best romantic comedies i have seen.

Lena Nyman is the only reason this movie does not get a 1 star. her acting makes the movie and the death of her character was very nicely done, a bittersweet and emotional scene.But the rest… Oh the humanity. I did not care for the story. I did not emotionalize with any character. But all in all, as good as it could have been. It was nicely produced and the directing was all right.This film entertains a Swedish audience. No doubt about it. But I was not entertained to an extent where i would tolerate this movie.Sorry!