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Genres: Drama , Horror , Mystery
Actors: Cedric Hardwicke , Vincent Price , Nan Grey , John Sutton , Cecil Kellaway , Alan Napier , Forrester Harvey
Director: Joe May
Country: United States
Year: 1940
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (1231 votes)

Framed for the murder of his brother, Geoffrey Radcliffe is scheduled to hang. After a visit from his friend Dr. Frank Griffin, he vanishes mysteriously from prison. Police inspector Sampson realizes that Griffin is the brother of the original Invisible Man and has given Geoffrey the formula to aid his escape. Can Geoffrey elude the police dragnet and track down the real murderer? More importantly, can Griffin discover an antidote before the invisibility formula drives Geoffrey insane?

Film Review

This is a very watchable sequel seven years after the original. This version is less dark and dreary and even contains a little comedy. Vincent Price plays Geoffrey Radcliffe, wrongly convicted of murder and makes use of invisibility to find the real murderer of his brother. This is Price’s fifth movie early in his career. His face is seen very little in this sci-fi drama, but his distinct and haunting voice will prove to help him gain stardom.A very good supporting cast includes: the legendary Cedric Hardwicke, Cecil Kellaway and Nan Grey. Miss Grey is the stunning love interest. Kellaway usually plays a light comedic role, but this time he plays the part of a Scotland Yard inspector. Hardwicke is more or less that character you can’t seem to put your full trust in. In other minor roles are John Sutton, Leyland Hodgson and Ivan Simpson.The special effects help this oldie keep its charm. My favorite scene is still when Grey faints after Price unravels his bandages. Still a hoot to wa…

It took Universal Studios seven years to produce this sequel to The Invisible Man, but in some regards, it was worth the wait. Geoffrey Radcliffe (Vincent Price) is an innocent man condemned to death for a murder he didn’t commit. At the last minute, Radcliffe’s gal pal, Helen (Nan Grey), and the friendly mad doctor, Frank Griffin (John Sutton), decide the only way to save Radcliffe is by injecting him with the invisibility serum invented by Jack Griffin. Radcliffe’s invisibility enables him to escape the gallows and easily elude the police led by the wily Inspector Sampson (Cecil Kelloway). Radcliffe figures out the identity of the murderer but his behavior soon borders on madness, unsettling Dr. Griffin and Helen. Should they continue to aid Radcliffe or rat him out to the constabulary? Will Radcliffe remain sane long enough to clear his name or will the law have to gun him down like his phantom predecessor, Jack Griffin? This is a real rarity among sequels in that it is nearl…

"The Invisible Man Returns" is a really fun and entertaining sequel to a classic.**SPOILERS**Hours to go before his death, Geoffrey Radcliffe, (Vincent Price) manages to escape from the prison with no trace, forcing the top Scotland Yard Inspector, Sampson (Cecil Kellaway) to the case. When he finds his fiancée Helen, (Nan Grey) waiting for him, he announces his intention of hunting the party responsible for his brother's death that sent him to prison. While the police try to catch him, family friend Frank Griffin, (John Sutton) is trying to perfect the re-invisibility serum which he has difficulty doing. As he starts to go mad from the effects of invisibility, they start to question his sanity until they become convinced that there isn't any way he can return from the process and must use all their powers together to stop him.The Good News: This was a really fun and entertaining sequel. The invisibility effects, as always in these kinds of films, are consiste…