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Genres: Action , Comedy , Crime
Actors: Clint Eastwood , Sondra Locke , Pat Hingle , William Prince , Bill McKinney , Michael Cavanaugh , Carole Cook , Mara Corday , Doug McGrath , Jeff Morris , Samantha Doane , Roy Jenson , Dan Vadis , Carver Barnes , Robert Barrett
Director: Clint Eastwood
Country: United States
Year: 1977
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 (10196 votes)

Phoenix cop Ben Shockley is well on his way to becoming a derelict when he is assigned to transport a witness named Gus Mally from Vegas. Mally turns out to be a belligerent prostitute with mob ties and incriminating information regarding a high-placed figure. Shockley’s suspicions are aroused and the betting line against Mally testifying begins to climb when the transport vehicle is bombed and Mally’s house is literally shot to pieces. The pair must face the truth about those they trust, as well as their own inner strengths, as they fight their way to Phoenix, finally using an armored bus to run a gauntlet of hundreds of police armed with high-powered weaponry.

Film Review

Upon re-viewing The Gauntlet, I've gained a new appreciation for the script and for Sondra Locke. It's a tight, interesting story that's well-directed and well-acted, but it got lost in Eastwood's 70s stew of Dirty Harry and Josie Wales. Was there a film before in which a woman talked to a cop the way Locke's character does from the backseat of the cruiser early in the film? That scene alone could be considered ground-breaking. Is the finale over the top? Maybe. It's a metaphor, though… that's the point. One honest guy against a corrupt system. Enjoy it for what it is. It's well worth seeing if you haven't already. It's Clint at his best.

The Gauntlet is a story is pure courage shown on behalf of Clint Eastwood. Also,his directing talents have not gone astray. The film centers around a police detective named Ben Shockeley,who is transferring a prisoner who was with the Mafia. However,the police know of the close bond he has with the prisoner and send out a bunch of their forces to stop him. Shockley eventually crosses paths with renegade bikers,police crooks,and more,with the story eventually finding him driving an armored bus through town to City Hall with millions of police shooting at the bus. I think Clint did a great job in hiring Annie Pearl Curtis as the stunt driver for the bus.She did all the steering and driving through the streets. She's currently a bus driver in Alachua County,FL. Bus 2306,of course. Unfortunalty,this movie was her first and last performance. She's now taking it easy and doing her duty. Overall,the action is great and the movie is worth seeing.

Never really watched a lot of Clint Eastwood films in my movie viewing life, just caught a few here and there. But this one "The Gauntlet" was certainly a good one to watch and sure it's not one of Clint's tough guy westerns or his bad ass cop movies, still this movie has plenty of action and excitement and thrills even though his character is flawed. Eastwood is Ben Shockley a Phoenix, Arizona police officer who's also a "Jack Daniels" drinker and rugged looking guy who appears burned out and down on his luck. Yet it's his time to go to Las Vegas and pick up a witness to testify in a trial. And this is where things get complex his pickup is a Vegas hooker named Gus(Sondra Locke) and in the town of all odds the odds are against them both! Then the film takes off on a twisted path of betrayal and fast and furious excitement starting with blazing shootouts of bullets, flying helicopters, and crazed bikers and crooked police all round out the journey. …