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Genres: Comedy , Family , Fantasy
Actors: Peter Billingsley , Stuart Pankin , Anne Bloom , Patrick Collins , Sage Parker , Chad Sheets , Gavin Allen , Danny Breen , Weasel Forshaw , John William Galt , Courtney Kraus , Holly Schenck , Al Evans , Angie Bolling , Gena Sleete
Director: Hoite C. Caston
Country: United States
Year: 1985
IMDB Rating: 4.4/10 (417 votes)

When his mother sends Jack off with money to buy groceries, he comes home with a magic supercharged dirt bike instead. His mother is furious, but when Jack uses the magic bike to save the local hot dog stand from the clutches of corrupt big business, he becomes the town hero.

Film Review

This, the Karate Kid Part II, and Flight of the Navigator were the first three movies I ever had on VHS, and boy did I wear them out. This is in many ways the classic 80s kid’s movie story. Evil developer/lawyer types want to pave over the hot dog restaurant, or the Goonies’ house, or Ernest’s summer camp, or Demi Moore’s grandparents, and our heroes spring into action!That hilarious kid who played Ralphie in A Christmas Story plays a nerd in a town where every kid inexplicably has a motorbike (even 12 y/o girls ride pink Vespas). He buys a junky old dirt bike that he fixes up in a montage scene, and the bike comes to life and can do awesome stuff on its own. Using his super-bike, Ralphie must stop a evil, greedy banker from paving over Mike’s Dog House, the local hot dog joint. It’s a fun movie for kids, and the good guys win at the end.

when my friend told me there was a film about a kid and his crazy flying bike, i said "you’re a bold faced liar." but then he got it and i ate my words. not only was the film about a boy and his wacky bike, it was about the love a boy has for being a naive idiot. i swear to you that i’ve never seen worse acting for a youngin’ but that made the movie that much better. with constant continuity errors and a ridiculous plot, this film has it all. i’ve never enjoyed a film quite as much as the dirt bike kid.

Don't listen to the above. This is one of the best pre-teen, teen-age movies of the mid-80's. While watching this movie today as an adult you see the flaws, but as a kid this movie has it all. The kid who serves as the hero, the evil bank villain, the baseball team, the hot mom, everything. If you want to escape life for 2hrs, this is one of your best bets to do so. Great time for kids and adults alike. Peter Billingsley and his motorcycle are one of the best duos of our time.Watch this movie and…SAVE MIKE'S DOGHOUSE!!!