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Genres: Crime , Thriller , Comedy
Actors: Owen Wilson , Butch Helemano , Charlie Sheen , Vinnie Jones , Gregory Sporleder , Terry Ahue , Pete Johnson , Mike Renfro , Tony Dorsett , Brian L. Keaulana , Morgan Freeman , Willie Nelson , Andrew Wilson , Sara Foster , Gary Sinise
Director: George Armitage
Country: United States
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 4.8/10 (12272 votes)

Jack Ryan, a charming but mischievous kid with a history of small cons, never nasty, as he always approaches life from the pleasant side, goes to surfers paradise Hawai, where dodgy district judge Walter Crewes enlists him to get to real big criminals. Jack finds himself teaming up in bed and thieving ‘business’ with Nancy Hayes, the greedy mistress of evil hotel magnate Ray Ritchie and his dumb lieutenant Bob Rogers, Jr. and a real temptress gold-digger but is about the only one without an hidden agenda…

Film Review

This was a movie that had great potential due to the cast. You had Owen Wilson who has been in some very good comedies. Morgan Freeman who in the same year as this movie came out, also appeared in a move that won him an Oscar. But sadly the story of the movie had no potential. From early on in the movie you could tell that this movie was going to have a weak storyline leading to a weak ending. I do not know what possessed morgan Freeman to appear in this movie, because its Morgan Freeman he has Oscars. Owen had his moments where he made me laugh, because he is a very funny actor, but all in all it goes down as one of the worst movies i have ever seen. It felt to me that they thought it was a very clever story with clever twists, but in the end they got a movie that rarely made any sense with unnecessary twists that could have been left out. I gave it a 2, which is only because of Owen making me laugh occasionally.

Jack(Owen Wilson)is a smooth wisecracking criminal(mainly "small"stuff like breaking and entering, heisting super-cars from the wealthy)pulled into stealing some cash from a crooked developer, Ray Ritchie(Gary Sinise)by the man's lover, Nancy(Sara Foster..the perfect object of lust;she's barely shown anytime during the film in full dress). Jack was a former employee of Rays, fired because of his role in a protest against his employer's corrupt treatment of his workers. Meanwhile, Walter(Morgan Freeman)a judge offers Jack a job tending to the needs of his chain of beach bungalows, for reasons uncertain at the moment for the exception that he flat-out doesn't like the way Ray operates. Bob Rogers, Jr(Charlie Sheen)is a lackey for Ray who is putty in Nancy's hands. She wants Ray's dough and coerces Jack with her flirts and sex to get it. The film shows their planning, but no plan is perfect and as in films like this one, nearly everyone gets conned(scamm…

I worked for Nielson Ratings when I was forced to sit through this film… Three times!!! Jesus, this is a turkey of a film. I saw three different endings to this film, and I am not sure which ending they used for the final release. I can’t bare to sit through this movie again. They would have to pay me more money. At least I got paid all three times, so it was only a time loss from my life. Sara Foster looks like a Courtney Love clone, and she can’t act. She blinks too much. The fight scene between Owen Wilson and Charlie Sheen was so lame, an a total rip-off of a scene from Femme Fatal. Only, Sara Foster was told to look bored. She’s the daughter of some Hollywood Composer, so I’m sure she got that job through some strings, and other connections. Or, she screwed the producer, and begged him for the part. Speaking of Screwing people for parts, who is Owen Wilson screwing for these parts? This guy is so ugly. Sorry, I’m kind of drunk. But now I have nothing to lose, since I left Niels…