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Genres: Family , Adventure , Sci-Fi
Actors: Bette Davis , Christopher Lee , Kim Richards , Ike Eisenmann , Jack Soo , Anthony James , Richard Bakalyan , Ward Costello , Christian Juttner , Brad Savage , Poindexter Yothers , Jeffrey Jacquet , Stu Gilliam , William Bassett , Tom Scott
Director: John Hough
Country: United States
Year: 1978
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (2318 votes)

Tia and her brother Tony have supernatural powers, can communicate and move things with the power of their mind alone. They arrive on Earth for a visit in Los Angeles. When Tony uses his powers to prevent an accident, he gets into the hands of Dr. Gannon, a ruthless scientist who’s constantly striving for power over the world. He puts him a device into the brain that allows him to control Tony’s will. Tia gets help from a kids gang to free Tony and save the Earth.

Film Review

when i was little i remember in addition to escape to witch mountain and return from witch mountain that there was another similar film it had the same idea where two kids(boy and girl) figure out they're twins with special abilities but in this one it has them as teenagers and the boy arrested and sent to some camp (like on a farm kind of camp). There he meets a girl and they have some sort of connection. eventually they meet and discover as they touch each others hands a eerie purple light glows from the touch and then they can cause things to happen. They later pass this copy machine place and they see a purple light appear from the windows. they go check it out and see this guy (sorta looking like Christopher Lloyd). they talk to him and learn about witch mountain and how everyone has a twin he tells them to meet him at this location(unknown possibly near or at witch mountain. they stay at camp and experiment a little. the counselors figure out somehow and try to contain them …

SF-kidsmovie with cartoonish quality, lots of action and some painfully dated special effects. Pretty entertaining, but not quite the material for a screen legend. To see Bette Davis in other post-Baby Jane roles, more worthy of her talent, watch ´Death on the Nile´ (1978) and ´Whales of August´ (1988).

Psychic alien siblings Tia (a charming performance by the adorable Kim Richards) and Tony (a solid turn by Ike Eisenmann) go to Los Angeles to check out human life in the big city. Trouble occurs when Tony gets abducted by evil, arrogant scientist Victor (the always fine Christopher Lee in smoothly sinister form) and his greedy accomplice Letha (a perfectly wicked portrayal by Bette Davis). It's up to Tia and an amiable gang of scruffy delinquent kids to rescue Tony from this dastardly duo. Director John Hough, working from an eventful script by Malcolm Marmorstein, relates the absorbing plot at a constant brisk pace, maintains a pleasingly lighthearted tone throughout, makes nice use of the gritty LA locations, and stages the thrilling action scenes with considerable flair (a lively and lengthy car chase rates as the definite exciting highlight). Richards and Eisenmann are both excellent in their roles; they receive sound support from Lee, Davis, Jack Soo as jolly truant officer…