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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Martha Higareda , Blanca Guerra , Camila Sodi , María Aura , Alejandra Adame , Ximena Sariñana , Daniel Berlanga , Víctor González , Rafael Sánchez Navarro , Mario Pérez de Alba , Roberto D’Amico , Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez , Diana Golden , Verónica Langer , Socorro Miranda
Director: Fernando Sariñana
Country: Mexico
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 (1232 votes)

The ultimate rebel Adela boasts three tattoos, a body piercing and a recent arrest for alleged indecent behavior. Petrified that his beloved daughter will spoil his chances of becoming the next governor of Mexico City, Adela’s father has enrolled her in the only remaining charm school for young ladies in the city. Maca Ribera guarantees that her school can turn any young girl into a “domestic goddess” … that is until she meets Adela. The two determined women face-off in a battle of wills that turns the school and its colorful bunch of school-mates upside down when Maca attempts to transform the irreverent Adela into a suitable First Daughter.

Film Review

i think this movie was pretty cool i don't what everyone's talking bout every movie is filled with stereotypes anyways so y complain? its awesome and if u don't want to buy it then rent it no ones obligating u to buy it I'm Mexican and when people say that the movie is an insult to the Mexican industry i would have to strongly disagree i have seen way too many Mexican movies for my own good and this one is pretty awesome and people say that its pornographic or that guys only watch it because of naked girls then they're severely wrong there are many other Mexican films that have more nudity and sex than this movie overall GREAT film

Why? Why? Why on earth no one tells the truth about this horrible, HORRIBLE movie? I still wake up in the morning and ask God why He didn't stopped me from seeing this revolting "comedy". I cant believe I PAID to see this offense to my cinematographic taste. I'm starting to think that the 5 stars it has is because of Martha Higareda 's nudity and all the men who cant buy a porn film and avoid seeing this … I will call it "thing" cause call it film is an insult to the Mexican film industry. The characters are a huge cliché, the acting causes involuntary laugh and the script is… well, I cant believe a human being wrote this. And just when you thought you've been tortured enough…the last half hour is so painful that I wished to ripped my eyes out. The only good thing I can say about this abomination is that it only last 90 minutes (that would feel like centuries, but still). Really, AVOID THE PAIN!!!

When I first saw this movie, I said to myself, "Hey what the heck it sounds like a good movie, why not rent it?". So yeah, I rented it and went back home to see it. When I inserted it in my DVD player I was shocked.Well FIRST of all, no one told me it was a Mexican movie and was spoken in Spanish, good thing it had subtitles.SECOND, it was nude, nude NUDE! Since I have no background whatsoever in Mexican movies, you could see my shock when I saw it. *GASP! Covering virgin eyes, NOO*THIRD, predictable to say the least, but actually being it predictable was no excuse to me in liking movies, because I don't seem to care if it's predictable, unless it's way over the top. FOURTH, how Heidi and Kike were reunited, so cheesy. FIFTH, how the movie ended. It was a BAD, BAD ending. How Mr. Van der Linde's sudden approval to the mayor's election was because her daughter, knew how to throw the party… BLAH, Blah. I was hoping that he wasn't that easy to accept i…