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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Fantasy
Actors: Steve Martin , Victoria Tennant , Richard E. Grant , Marilu Henner , Sarah Jessica Parker , Susan Forristal , Kevin Pollak , Sam McMurray , Patrick Stewart , Andrew Amador , Gail Grate , Eddie De Harp , M.C. Shan , Frances Fisher , Iman
Director: Mick Jackson
Country: United States
Year: 1991
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (19518 votes)

Harris K Telemacher is a ‘wacky weekend weatherman’ for a local Los Angeles television station who is searching for meaning in his otherwise cliche ridden Los Angeles life. With the help of an insightful and talkative Freeway sign, Harris embarks on a journey through Los Angeles in pursuit of Sarah, an English reporter who has been sent to the City of Angels to research an article for the London Times.

Film Review

This might not be the most laugh out loud funny of Steve Martin's films but it is my favourite. Martin plays LA weatherman Harris Telemacher; he thinks he is happy but really he is depressed; everything about his life is a cliché; his girlfriend Trudi clearly holds him in contempt, the people he associates with are all the same and even the weather he forecasts is always 72° and sunny. Then one day he meets Sarah, an English journalist writing a piece about Los Angeles… after that his life won't be the same again. Of course it won't be simple; he is still with Trudi and Sarah is giving her ex one last chance. Soon strange things start to happen; he breaks down in front of a freeway sign and it starts to address him; he finds himself single and dating SanDeE*; a girl who will be twenty seven in four years time… still he dreams of Sarah.L.A. Story is one of those films that make me smile from start to finish; it is funny, it is surreal and it is packed…

Harris Telemacher is a "wacky" TV weatherman in the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles. He is in a difficult relationship in a crazy city and a slightly demeaning job and not entirely sure where he is heading. Meeting Sara McDowel through a friend sees him enthralled by her to the point of longing and things look great when his partner then dumps him for another man. However, being a man, he also feels the need to chase a young piece of skirt in the shape of shop assistant SanDee*. With happiness so close can Harris manage to grasp it – maybe with the help of a freeway information board he can.From the opening credits and throughout, this film marks itself out as wanting to be to LA what Woody Allen is to New York and really it is in this regard that it actually succeeds pretty well. The gentle jokes made at LA’s expense are the film’s strength and the vast majority of them are well pitched so as to be funny even if you have no firsthand experience of LA. However outsi…

There are a lot of home truths in this quite often funny send up of life in Los Angeles, California, USA. This Mick Jackson film, written by and starring "Saturday Night Live" star Steve Martin, is based on the silly idea of a talking freeway sign (well not talking, but supposedly intelligent freeway sign that had been reincarnated, previously having been a bagpipe).Apart from this, "LA Story" is very entertaining throughout. There are moments of hilarity in this movie that balance well with the drama. Steve Martin was ably supported by British actors Victoria Tennant and Richard E. Grant.Friday, May 31, 1991 – Knox District CentreSecond viewing of this 'story of LA' does not hold up nearly as well. The comedy is fairly flat as is the whole storyline. Definitely a once only movie.Sunday, April 5, 1992