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Genres: Drama
Actors: Ashley Judd , Goran Visnjic , Lauren Lee Smith , Alexia Fast , Alberta Watson , Leah Cairns , David Hewlett , David Nykl , Chelah Horsdal , Ali Liebert , Conrad Coates , Alex Stevens , Rob Heschl , Robin Nielsen , Adrian Hough
Director: Sandra Nettelbeck
Country: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (629 votes)

Helen has it all: friends, an attentive second husband, a cheerful teen daughter, musical talent, and a university teaching job. Then, something’s amiss: is her husband cheating, does she have a fatal disease, does her past haunt her? There’s a quick hospitalization, a disclosure, a bond with one of her students, Mathilde, and a dark chasm that seems to be opening in front of her: can Helen do anything about the problem she won’t discuss, or will it swallow her?

Film Review

A painful movie about a woman struggling with severe clinical depression.Ashley Judd has a knack for giving powerhouse performances in movies no one's ever heard of (did you ever see her in "Bug?"), and she disappears utterly into the character of "Helen," who herself descends into hell when her illness makes an appearance after lying dormant for many years. Let me be clear — this movie is one long sustained note of agony, and it is not pleasant to sit through. But it's fascinating in its own way, and the thought of it haunted me for days after I'd seen it.The filmmaker clearly had a very personal and painful relationship with her subject (she lost her childhood friend to clinical depression), and one might think this would make her incapable of retaining the objectivity needed to prevent a film like this from turning into melodrama, but one would be wrong for thinking that.Grade: A-

Having worked in the mental health field for many years I can tell you this film does an outstanding job both in script, directing and acting with portraying a woman with major depression and suicidality. The performances by Ashley Judd, Goran Visnjic and Lauren Lee Smith (also Alexia Fast) were at least Oscar noteworthy. Why has this film not gotten more attention? And I am surprised by the rather mediocre vote average on this website. Most likely because it is portraying DEPRESSION and BIPOLAR DISORDER in all their worst forms and that isn't easy to watch. It isn't easy to live with nor is it easy to watch the deterioration of people you love. Ashley Judd does an outstanding job playing Helen, a twice married woman and mother of a teenager daughter who suffers a relapse of her Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Goran plays her lawyer husband who has no knowledge of her previous psychiatric experiences and must watch his wife sink into the abyss. What I didn't understand…

First Of All I Must Say Ashley Judd Is Superb, Playing As A Disturbed Woman. The Other Cast Is Doing A Good Job Either. This Movie Is Very Dark And Grim, And Dvid Darling's Music Really Suits The Atmosphere. The All Movie Really HAs The Look And Sound Of One Of Those European Dark Atmosphere ECM Records, So You Hardly Believe This Is American Movie, It Looks Like It Is One Of Those Heavy Scandinavian Movies, Whith American Actors. There Is A Lot Of Suspense In This Movie And Gllomy Atmospher. The Story Itself Might Not Be Suitable For Many People, Since It Deals With Subject Most People Don't Like to Face Or To Know About, But For Those Who Would Like To See, It Will definitely Hold Them Until The Last Moment. In Total Very Good Movie For Those Who Would Want To See It, And Know Ahead About What This Movie Is All About.