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Genres: Horror
Actors: Eriko Satô , Haruhiko Katô , Chiharu Kawai , Rie Kuwana , Kazuyuki Matsuzawa , Kaori Sakagami , Sakina Kuwae , Yûto Kawase , Rio Nakamura , Ryoko Takizawa , Saaya , Runa Okada , Rio Iguchi , Mei Tanaka , Yui Matsuda
Director: Kôji Shiraishi
Country: Japan
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (604 votes)

Film Review

A town is haunted by the myth of a woman whose face has been mutilated in a very awesome looking fashion. She wears a mask over her mouth and shows up to people asking "Am I pretty?" Their answer almost always leads to their death.I loved this movie. The story was different. I haven't seen anything too similar to it before. The story was interesting, even a bit touching at points. It never got laughable to me. The whole thing stayed pretty dark and serious. (I'm sure the horrific involvement of children in the story helped that…) The camera work was really slick. I loved the lighting and the atmosphere towards the end. It had a great pace. It moved fast, even by American standards. (This is surprising for an Asian flick.) The ghost was unique by Asian standards. (She didn't have the hair over her face, nor did her hair seem to be alive.) The woman with the sliced mouth was a very cool visual.This has been one of my favorite Japanese horror films yet. Another bi…

Carved is different from most Asian horror flicks in the regard that the story doesn't become overly convoluted and confusing, yet at the same time, it does little to add complexity to the explanation or back story of the Slit-Mouthed Woman. Essentially a really evil person dies, so naturally their ghost continues to have the same actions of the person that they once were. If you can go into this movie accepting this fact, and not with the mentality of expecting something smart or challenging from the story, then you should easily enjoy this.With that said, this is indeed another norm of the Asian horror genre, "vengeful ghost girl." However the concept of the ghost, and the urban legend revolving around it (which is based on a real legend), does feel fresh and unique. The main selling point of the Slit-Mouthed Woman's motif is that she specifically targets children with overly sized scissors. Which naturally makes for perfect, innocent victims in this film, as the…

Pretty average Asian Horror film that still seems to linger in the "long hair creepy woman" category but, the storyline is promising and the creep factor is there, (in small doses,thanks to makeup) but if you are not a fan of plot holes or unexplained elements, (which sometimes work in horror, IMO) then you will not enjoy this film. There is very little gore and what is there is usually in a "cut-away" scene (this is a film that would probably just get a pg-13 by American standards)-Overall the film just doesn't satisfy, absolutely no character development and not enough "suspense" to really make it an enjoyable film.