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Genres: Fantasy , Adventure , Action
Actors: Jacqueline Samuda , Gary Jones , Steve Bacic , Don S. Davis , Cliff Simon , William Devane , Richard Dean Anderson , Claudia Black , Beau Bridges , Michael Shanks , Christopher Judge , Amanda Tapping , Ben Browder , Peter Williams , Darcy Cadman
Director: Martin Wood
Country: United States, Canada
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 (7406 votes)

When the Stargate team goes to see Ba’al, the last of the System Lords, being extracted from his host. All of a sudden, Tealc, Vala and all of their allies start to vanish. Later Carter, Daniel, and Mitchell try to escape through the Stargate but find themselves not on earth but on a ship trapped beneath the polar ice cap. They learn they are on the freighter that was delivering the Stargate found in Egypt in 1939 to America. The ship is about to sink and they evacuate. They are picked up by a submarine and brought to a Naval Base where they learn the SG project never happened. They try to warn the government that the Gouald might attack earth. But the government doesn’t believe and tells them that they’re being released and given new identities and not to talk about what they are talking about. Three months later, the Gouald attack and the government asks for their help.

Film Review

The latest episode of Stargate involves SG-1 trying to prevent System Lord Ba'al from permanently changing history so he can conquer the Earth. Given a bigger budget for this made for DVD movie, this movie has quality production values and well done visual effects. Unlike many Stargate SG-1 episodes, there are no scenes set in the forests of British Columbia, as I recall.Stargate: Continuum is almost all fast paced action. But the movie gives the audience what it wants, explosions, evil people and Earth in danger. Nothing wrong with that, unless you were expecting Shakespearean prose.

With notable exceptions such as Contact, The X-Files, the Twilight Zone and the first Star Wars, I basically detest scifi movies and TV. You have to be juvenile and male to tolerate them, I suspect.This dates from way back, when I watched part of the first episode of Star Trek as a little kid and it was so cheesy I never watched it again. (I watched it with my brother, who liked it! I was into dramas starring the likes of James Dean and John Cassavetes. Look it up.) The same goes for all of these other special-effects and computer-generated vehicles, like the Battlestar Gallactica and Stargate series. So why did I rent this movie? Because I thought Colin Cunningham was in it. Oh, he was in it — for the duration of the blink of an eye. What an insult to this extraordinary actor, whose tour d' force so far has been his role as the corrupt Det. Brian Curtis in the brilliantly executed Canadian series "DaVinci's Inquest." (You know DaVinci's Inquest. Probably the be…

Be warned, there are Spoilers contained below regarding plot device of Continuum and commenting on plot device of some episodes of the series, including the series finale.OK it's great to have another installment of Stargate SG1, Ark of Truth nicely tied off the Ori plot line and we do get to see lots of oldie but goody characters make a return in Continuum but this is easily the 3rd and probably 4th/5th time that the good old 'Time' plot gets rolled out. You know what I mean, the old 'go back in Time to fight/fix whatever is going wrong' nugget.I mean I understand that writers run out of ideas over 10 seasons of Stargate but come on, again with the 'Time' plot?Overall though, it was another Stargate movie to watch and I dutifully watched it and by and large enjoyed it, mostly for seeing a parade of old characters pass by.If there is a 3rd movie let's hope they've shut the door on the Time plot device and thrown away the key and give us something fr…