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Genres: Crime , Drama , Romance
Actors: Flora Martínez , Unax Ugalde , Manolo Cardona , Rodrigo Oviedo , Alonso Arias , Alejandra Borrero , Alex Cox , Helios Fernández , Enrique Sarasola , María Teresa Gómez , Kristina Lilley , Sebastián Ospina , Carlos Andrés Cadavid , Catalina Aristizábal , Fabio Restrepo
Director: Emilio Maillé
Country: Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Brazil
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 (2069 votes)

Medellín, 1989. Antonio brings Rosario to the hospital; she’s shot, bleeding badly. Flashbacks, mixed with Antonio’s wait at the hospital during her surgery, tell the story: Antonio and Emilio are friends; Emilio attracts women, but is never serious about any until he meets Rosario, who has a mysterious connection to the underworld. Emilio falls for Rosario; she likes him, but she keeps their relationship compartmentalized, apart from her work. Antonio is the loyal friend who slowly falls in love with her and sticks by her in ways Emilio is incapable of. She begins to see that real love might be possible. Is it all moot in Medellín’s violent landscape, or is there hope?

Film Review

I was watching this movie the other day… A friend of mine gave it to me from a screening of this movie that took place in Colombia… and I gotta say.. its quite a packer!!!! It tells the story of a woman who kills for hire…. Rosario Tijeras. Rosario Tijeras is a story of the world of assassins, life in Colombia, love and lust. Rosario is an assassin… she is surrounded by lust, and when she meets a guy thats different from all that have been in her life, she falls in love with him… but she is too deep into the dirty underworld and it might just be too late for her… What I like about this movie its that sometimes its funny in anoverdramatized funny macabre kind of way. For example when Rosario's brother gets killed, they throw a party for/with him…. his corpse anyway…… go rolling with him, even take him to have a lap dance….. but thats the life he lead and so thats his friends way to pay respect to their fallen friend. Overall this is a good movie to watch if you …

1.- The entire death & burial part was highly shocking and touching, who would of thought of them taking the corpse to the bar and celebrate the way they did, simply impressive.2.- What Rosario said is so true "Tu eres bueno, y los que son buenos sufren mucho" (You are a good guy and the ones who are good suffer a lot). This really reached my very nerve.3.- The Entire acting was Fabulous, most Colombian movies should be like this.4.- A question. Why did Jonhefe killed her in the end?, Was he in love with her too? Regards

I went to go see this movie this summer in my visit to Colombia. I was completely under the movie’s spell, went to see it twice. The character is so raw, so corrupted, but they demonstrate the beauty that can come from someone who’s lived in her own hell. My family is originally from Colombia, so I understand the situations well. I saw a comment on a message board here saying that she wasn’t a convincing hit-man…obviously you aren’t familiar with the situations in Colombia, I’ve known of many female hit men that were beautiful…they just grew up in the wrong neighborhoods. Beauty isn’t only found in the high-class society…it’s everywhere, and if anything, her beauty gives her even more power. The fact that the movie goes back and forth, always returning the beginning of everything, and relating it to the end keeps you in tuned, its clever that the director chose not to point out the changes in time throughout the film…it keeps it flowing…no interruptions from the world that t…