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Genres: Action , Crime , Thriller
Actors: Jim Caviezel , Rhona Mitra , Frankie Faison , Colm Feore , Gordon Currie , Andrea Roth , Noam Jenkins , Toby Proctor , James Kee , Guylaine St-Onge , Joe Pingue , Martin Roach , Ron Bell , Paul Rutledge , Kelly Jones
Director: Robert Harmon
Country: United States, Canada
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (5445 votes)

Since the hit-and-run murder of his wife five years ago, Rennie Cray has crisscrossed America in his souped-up, stripped-down ’68 Plymouth Barracuda, pursuing her killer. The man he seeks in a high-speed, high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse is James Fargo, a merciless, wheelchair-bound pyschopath. Through a series of mechanical innovations, Fargo has turned his rampaging ’72 Cadillac Eldorado into a monstrous extension of his own twisted body and mind. Now, their deadly battle of wits and wills is about to move into overdrive. And caught in their headlights is a tormented beauty who unwittingly holds the key to their ultimate showdown.

Film Review

**SPOILERS** The movie "Highwaymen" that takes place on the wide open roads of California is a fairly entertaining as well as interesting film if you overlook some of the major inconsistencies of it's plot. A homicidal driver Fargo, Clom Feore,who's mode of operations is running down, and killing, young women drives his car into and kills James "Rennie" Cray, James Cavlezel, young and beautiful wife Olivia, Guylaine St.Onge,right before his eyes. Tracking the killer down James slam his car into him causing Fargo to lose an arm a leg and an eye. That action also puts James behind bars for three years for vehicular homicide. Out of jail and still looking for his wife's killer James connects a string of hit-and-run "accidents" to Fargo and starts to close in on him. Fargo after his accident is more robot then man and as James puts it "His body is his car". Fargo begins to play a deadly cat-and-mouse game with James that soon involves Mo…

James ‘Rennie’ Cray (Jim Caviezel) is a man who has been chasing the psychopath Fargo (Colm Feore) for years. Fargo kills lonely women in roads, and Rennie’s beloved wife was one of his victims. When the traumatized Molly (Rhone Mitra) escapes from Fargo in a tunnel, Rennie uses her as bait to attract Fargo and eliminate him."Highwaymen" is a movie with great action scenes, but also having an imbecile, incredible and full of clichés story. Indeed it is a movie of stunts, which wastes the good actors Jim Caviezel and Colm Feore. It is very impressive the scene, in the beginning of the story, when Fargo runs over Rennie’s wife. I found amazing the resemblance between the actress Rhona Mitra and Sandra Bullock. Therefore, "Highwaymen" is a forgettable movie, indicated for killing time only. My vote is five.Title (Brazil): "Velozes e Mortais" ("Fast and Mortals")

Just the way I like my movies; doesn’t mess around getting to what the story is all about and because it’s only 72 min’s, you don’t have to wait an eternity for plot resolution to occur. You are launched into the movie headlong by the opening scene. Ends, as is usual with many American movies, with the obligatory mass of police vehicles & ambulances all parked with their lights flashing. It would be interesting to compile a list of how many movies end with such a scene and pan out to finish the film. Getting a bit tired I would have thought.A short, sharp, dramatic, emotion evoking ride.