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Genres: Comedy , Mystery , Romance
Actors: Sarah Murdoch , Ivana Milicevic , Shalom Harlow , Freddie Prinze Jr. , Monica Potter , Tomiko Fraser , China Chow , Jay Brazeau , Stanley DeSantis , Erin-Marie Dykeman , James Kirk , Elysa Hogg , Kristina Lewis , Ben Silverman , Sam MacMillan
Director: Mark Waters
Country: United States
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 (8571 votes)

Amanda Pierce is from Iowa and works as a restorer of Renaissance paintings for the New York Metropolitan Museum. She has just finished another frustrating relationship, when she found her boy-friend with a model on her bed. She decides to move and share a flat with four stupid but nice super-models. She meets Jim Winston, who lives in front of her window. She falls in love with him. One day, she sees Jim killing a woman – Megan O’Brien – through her window and Amanda and her four roommates decide to investigate what really happened.

Film Review

My sister bought this film sometime last year, and I sat down watching it expecting it to be a bit of a chick flick, and it may be so, but it is altogether a hilarious movie. Amanda is a fairly down on her luck girl who has a tendency to get involved in doomed relationships. After she walks in on her boyfriend in bed with another woman, she moves out, and into an enormous flat with four supermodels (she gets a closet for a bedroom). From her new loungeroom windows, she can see across into the apartment of Jim Winston, a man that she is finding herself attracted to. One night, she thinks she sees Jim killing a girl, and she is set to go out on a date with him in four days. Thus begins the hilarity with Amanda launching a private investigation into him, aided by her roommates I only had one problem with this movie, and that was Candi. I realise that they are deliberately making her an over the top Australian, but they take it a bit above and beyond. On the whole, enjoyable fun for a n…

I loved this movie and i thought Monica Potter was great! this movie made her one of my favourite actresses. The movie was really good to just sit back and have a laugh and all my friends love it just as much as me! GOOD WORK!

There isn’t much to say at all except that I can highly recommend this movie: It’s witty, charming, entertaining, and very cute.Monica Potter (a sort of Julia Roberts, but in a nice sort of way, without Julia’s evil eyes) plays a girl who lacks luck with men and moves in with a bunch of supermodels (watch out for Ivana Milicevic’s performance; she steals every scene she’s in!). She falls in love with Freddie Prinze Jr. (who was never as cute as in this movie) whom she suspects to be a psycho killer. (Everything turns out fine for them, of course.)If you’re looking for a good Saturday evening entertainment, this is the right movie for you.