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Genres: Thriller , Horror
Actors: Christopher Adamson , Mike Burnside , Max Fowler , Tom Mannion , Roxanne McKee , Finlay Robertson , Emma Cleasby , Juliet Aubrey , Ruth Gemmell , Eliza Bennett , David Schofield , Jamie Kenna , Tina Barnes , Alexander Ellis , Ian Cullen
Director: Johannes Roberts
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 4.8/10 (2191 votes)

In England, the teacher of the Wittering College Robert Anderson is hit on the face by a student and is forced to take three months vacation to be not sued by the parents of the kid. Robert is affected by the incident and a couple of months later, he is emotionally disturbed, alcoholic and separated of his wife Helen. Their daughter Kate lives with her mother and has classes with Robert, but she does not respect her father. The principal of Wittering College, Sarah Balham (Ruth Gemmell), loathes Robert and wants to get rid of him, but the Union does not allow her to fire him. When Robert reads about violence in another school, he sends a memo advising the employees of the school and he is considered paranoid and delusional by everybody. One day after hours, Robert notes some strange movements outside the school and he advises the security guard James that does not give much attention to the discredited Robert. But sooner Robert realizes that the Wittering College is under siege of a gang of hooligans and he need to find Kate to protect his daughter.

Film Review

F is written and directed by Johannes Roberts and stars David Schofield, Eliza Bennett, Ruth Gemmell, Juliet, Aubrey, Roxanne McKee, Finlay Robertson and Emma Cleasby. Music is by Neil Stemp and cinematography by Tim Sidell-Rodriquez.Robert Anderson (Schofield) is a teacher at Wittering College, when he is assaulted by a student for giving an F on his paper, it sends his life spiralling into a blur of alcoholism and broken families. 11 months later and back at work, Robert's worst fears about youth violence towards teachers and auxiliary staff comes true as the college comes under night time siege from a gang of faceless hoodies.Damned if you do, damned if you don't, in horror, if you spoon feed your audience solutions and full on gore you get called unoriginal. Flipside of that, if you retain an air of mystery, keep the violence off screen forcing the viewer to fill in the blanks, and offer up a finale that makes you to think as the credits role, then you get called a cheat…

F is set in England & starts as University teacher Robert Anderson (David Schofield) hands out some test results, he gives one of his students an 'F' grade & verbally criticises & mocks him in class in front of his mates. The kid gets up & head-butts Anderson who is then made to take a leave of absence until the term ends & his attacker leaves school, if not the kids parents are going to sue the school since they claim Anderson made their son head-butt him. Anderson returns to teaching next term but is a mental wreck, he needs a stiff drink before he can even enter the classroom & is so timid & meek that he has no respect among the students who taunt him. To make matters worse his teenage daughter Kate (Eliza Bennett) attends the school & hates her father, after a fight in detention one night Kate storms off & Robert is upset but things take a sinister turn as the school comes under attack from a gang of hooded youth's who st…