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Genres: Thriller , Romance , Drama
Actors: Hiep Thi Le , Herta Ware , Tara Reid , Deborah Offner , Alaina Reed-Hall , Christine Baranski , Swoosie Kurtz , Sean Patrick Thomas , Eric Mabius , Joshua Jackson , Louise Fletcher , Selma Blair , Reese Witherspoon , Ryan Phillippe , Sarah Michelle Gellar
Director: Roger Kumble
Country: United States
Year: 1999
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (103987 votes)

Kathryn makes a bet that her step-brother, Sebastian, won’t be able to bed Annette (a virgin, who wants to wait until marriage) before the start of the school year. If he loses, Kathryn gets his Roadster, if he wins, he gets Kathryn

Film Review

I watched this movie just a couple of minutes ago because it was recommended frequently by my friends. So at last I got to see it.I have to say that the title of the movie fits quite well with it, it is pure evil and malice.The movie starts off with Sebastian the stepbrother of Kathryn (a popular girl who maintains her "good image" at school but is secretly well a B***CH). Sebastian is what every parent does not want in a child, he is careless, rude and most importantly sex-obsessed. Sebastian makes a bet with Kathryn that he can get Annette (the perfect good girl who swore to keep her virginity until true love) in bed, and if he wins he gets Kathryn his obviously "long love" and if he doesn't Kathryn gets his car.Sebastian goes ahead with his plan but with unexpected surprise he actually falls in love with Annette. I think it is quite a typical bad boy good girl story but it was enjoyable. However what I did not like was that he fell in love with her VERY qui…

Yet another 'Dangerous Liaisons' but one that works quite well. A teen drama rather than a teen comedy – it is probably a bit too scabrous and naughty for a lot of tastes.Some of the dialogue is too near the knuckle for comfort, especially Selma Blair's retelling of o*** sex with Ryan Phillippe, but it shows an honesty to both a modern re-interpretation of the original and the original's decadence. The acting is very good, even though Ryan Phillippe has to contend with a difficult and unevenly written change from seducer to lover – being involved with his future wife certainly makes it believable! Reese Witherspoon (prior to her transformation to Hollywood zero!) and Sarah Michelle Geller both put their all into difficult to realise parts, and when, one must ask, is Ryan Phillippe going to equal his emotional commitment in this film on screen again! A bold film that just about carries its huge premise off. It launched Ms Witherspoon, but Geller and Phillippe still have…

It could have been a good thriller – but it's not. It could have been a good drama – but it's not.Everything in this movie is very streamlined and predictable. It has no exciting highs of drama or whatever exciting twists – instead this is a movie which is "slow cooking" from the start to the end with a VERY cheap and predictable story.The acting is very below average – the characters don't have any depth but instead are rather stereotypes: Stereotyped cliché characters as they come right off the "hollywood mill" – made for the typical, fast consuming VERY casual movie watcher who otherwise might find joy in the afternoon soap opera on TV. That being said, even in afternoon soaps or on lifetime i have seen movies with more drama and depth as opposed to this flat movie.While the story could have yielded an indeed "more than average" nice thriller it did not.Also, if you expected a rather "erotic" thriller (as the reviews/title…