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Genres: Drama
Actors: Madeleine Sherwood , Judith Anderson , Jack Carson , Burl Ives , Paul Newman , Elizabeth Taylor , Larry Gates , Vaughn Taylor
Director: Richard Brooks
Country: United States
Year: 1958
IMDB Rating: 8.0/10 (22538 votes)

The fifth Tennessee Williams play to reach the screen, wealthy Mississippi plantation owner Big Daddy Pollitt, unaware that he’s dying of cancer and disturbed by the strained and childless marriage of his favored alcoholic son Brick and his other son, Gooper, whose wife is about to bring forth another in the endless line of little “no-neck monsters,” celebrates his sixty-fifth birthday with his family. Brick’s wife, Maggie, beautiful and desirable, tries unsuccessfully to coax her husband away from the bottle, while alternately enticing him and taunting him about his obsession with his deceased best friend and the guilt about their relationship. The seamy tensions reach a climax when the truth of Big Daddy’s health is revealed, and he and Brick manage to resolve their differences.

Film Review

It's on as I write this short review…It's the scene in the basement where Burl Ives (playing Big Daddy) refuses the morphine…(you have to see the movie to find out why he has it) and he and younger favored son Brick (Paul Newman)have it out…Brick's leg is broken so he can't easily avoid his dad! And when you watch the movie, you will find out why younger son Brick smashes up some of the basement's treasures and sobs…"Worthless!!!" Maggie – Brick's wife – is the CAT—She scraps with older son's wife "SisterWoman" over the future estate Big Daddy will leave… Even SisterWoman's several little kids taunt Maggie about younger drunk son Brick…! Big Daddy – will discover that all his self made wealth – is measured up against what his old hobo dad left him…which he still treasures! ===The Prodigal Son – is the story where the younger son runs off—parties—and then comes back home to his wealthy father's greetin…

… and everyday I'm drunk on this sour cocktail, asking myself : 'Will I succeed or will I fail?If it wasn't so theatrical, I could have sworn this movie mirrored my own life : a cocktail of fascination and disgust. Life is cold, bitter, with a detestable but somewhat invigorating taste, and it sounds like a pianistic jazzy score : entertaining when your eyes are closed but soulless when the windows of your heart are…Sincerely, I could have turned off the film just because I couldn't buy the idea of a man refusing to have sex with such a babe like Maggie the Cat, Elizabeth Taylor at the Everest of her beauty, even if this guy is the male-crush inducing Paul Newman, as Brick Politt. I guess movies ought to challenge our perceptions. Maggie even wishes Brick was ugly so she could at least console herself, but she loves Brick, and can't get him off her mind. They're married, but he hasn't touched her since a tragic event made her undesirable. Hard to…