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Genres: Horror , Thriller
Actors: Virginia Madsen , Tony Todd , Xander Berkeley , Kasi Lemmons , Vanessa Williams , DeJuan Guy , Marianna Elliott , Ted Raimi , Ria Pavia , Mark Daniels , Lisa Ann Poggi , Adam Philipson , Eric Edwards , Carolyn Lowery , Barbara Alston
Director: Bernard Rose
Country: United States
Year: 1992
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (31790 votes)

Helen Lyle is a student who decides to write a thesis about local legends and myths. She visits a part of the town, where she learns about the legend of the Candyman, a one-armed man who appears when you say his name five times, in front of a mirror. Of course, Helen doesn’t believe all this stuff, but the people of the area are really afraid. When she ignores their warnings and begins her investigation in the places that he is rumored to appear, a series of horrible murders begins. Could the legend be true?

Film Review

Candyman is one of those films I really should have seen by now. I remember the trailer on the Cinema Club trailer reel from a wide selection of videos I owned in the mid 90's. Anyway, I finally saw it and it was great horror. I forgot you could make powerful slasher movies and keep the teens well away. The movie is all about myths and how they can spread and take control. These days myths spread world wide and at a greater rate, thanks to the internet. Candyman really allows you to feel emotions for these characters. Madsen isn't going crazy, but we can't blame people for thinking she is. Tony Todd has a very dominating screen presence, not to mention a powerful voice. The kills all seem necessary in this film, as each one has an impact on our protagonist and the world she inhabits. Finally, we have Phillip Glass' incredible score, which adds a bizarre and haunting atmosphere to the movie. Great horror at an early 90's pace.

Based on a short story called 'The Forbidden' from Clive Barker's excellent Books of Blood collection, this is a stylish, violent, bloody and utterly superb horror movie. Tony Todd plays the eponymous Candyman, a folk legend who appears to his victims if they dare utter his name into a mirror five times. Virginia Madsen is the plucky journalist eager to get to the bottom of the story. The set pieces are gripping, and Tony Todd's performance is bone chilling. It also contains some of the most quotable lines in a movie I've ever heard:"Be My Victim." "What's blood for, if not for shedding?"A must see horror movie.

'Candyman' is not your average ghost story.It's a violent and gory movie that not only sets a new line for creepy ghost stories, but also for horror.After watching the movie, you'll be looking in your mirror and will wonder what will happen if you say Candyman 5 times in the mirror.In the movie, Candyman will appear and gut you with his hook if you dare to say his name.Now that's scary.Virginia Madsen delivers an excellent performance and Tony Todd does an Oscar-worth performance as the hook-handed monster himself.With his deep accent, anybody else who dares to play Candyman is basically putting themselves at a risk of winning a Razzie for worst serial killer.'Candyman' is nothing short of a good scary movie that definitely puts the chills in your spine.There really needs to be either a remake or sequel.7.5/10