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Genres: Crime , Drama
Actors: Jan-Michael Vincent , Joan Goodfellow , Pamela Sue Martin , Clifton James , Robert Englund , Jessie Lee Fulton , J.B. Joiner , Dell C. Payne , Mark Pendergraft , David Paul Dean , David Little , Vernon Beatty , Doris Pearce , Carl Reddick , Dale Pearce
Director: Daniel Petrie
Country: United States
Year: 1974
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (325 votes)

Dimwitted but sweet high school girl of easy virtue and the most popular boy in the school share an improbable romance. But when his buddies forget she’s no longer the crew slut she once was, watch out!!

Film Review

This is one of those rare breed of weak movies that still have some appeal because of the atmosphere. The plot was supposed to be "the guy all the girls wanted, and the girl who wanted all the guys.". This is more than a little misleading. It involves young love in a rather rustic mid 20th century America setting. This was obviously an era just before the peace movement. The boy, Buster, is a mean snake to say the least. He doesn't have any likable characteristics. He's just mean and rotten, but most American film characters have been that way, so that's no surprise. The girl is more likable, and has what is called an easy reputation. The banter between the characters gives the feel of teenage 'hijinx" and juvenile delinquency. A lot of people may want to see it just to see a future horror celebrity in an early film role, and I don't think they will be disappointed. The performances are solid. Everyone tried to make a good movie. The plot just isn&#3…

I was not able to get this movie out of my head days after seeing it. Buster and Billie is a powerful and poignant coming-of-age story, but also just very stark tale of how brutal and cruel people can be sometimes. This film takes place in the 50's I believe, but it's almost hard to determine the year. It's set in rural Georgia, so it has a very back-woods atmosphere about it. High-school buddies gather around to exchange girl and car stories, and the talk of the town is 'Billie' (Joan Goodfellow), a very shy, poor girl who lets this gang of upper-class boys do what they will to her. They basically come knocking at her door late at night (she lives in a run-down shack with her 2 negligent parents), take her out into the woods for gang-sex! Billie goes willingly, but with obvious sorrow. She's a lonely girl with no friends and 'this is the only way she knows how to find affection', (as Buster later tells his father). Buster (Jan-Michael Vincent) is a car…

This is another movie I remember watching on cable in the late 70’s. Jan-Michael Vincent is great to watch, here in his mid-70’s prime. The rest of the cast is decent as well, and it is interesting to see a young "Freddy Kruger" act all dorky before he became a horror icon.The film sets up nicely, a small town in the 40’s where everyone knows everyone else and the local teenage boys screw around with a slut named Billie, who is a pretty girl but who seems to have some sort of problem. Buster always refuses to participate with the gang in having sex with Billie, mainly because he has his own girlfriend, who is plans to marry. But he becomes attracted to Billie on his own, and eventually starts dating her, even breaking up with his own girlfriend in the process. All this leads up to a very violent ending (where we all no doubt cheer on Vincent).The film is decent enough but it does lack in some areas, especially in explaining a few certain things. For instance, just what star…