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Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Drama
Actors: Magda Szubanski , James Cromwell , Mary Stein , Mickey Rooney , Elizabeth Daily , Danny Mann , Glenne Headly , Steven Wright , James Cosmo , Nathan Kress , Myles Jeffrey , Stanley Ralph Ross , Russi Taylor , Adam Goldberg , Eddie Barth
Director: George Miller
Country: Australia
Year: 1998
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (16018 votes)

After Babe’s great victory in the shepherding contest, Farmer Arthur Hoggett turns down all offers to make money with his pig’s talents. But when he gets hurt severely in the well, his wife has to take up farming. She does her best but cannot meet the bank’s requirements, which results in the necessity of getting back to Babe. Soon, Esme Hoggett is sitting in a plane headed for “the” city. There, Babe unwillingly causes deep trouble. He has to stay with Mrs. Hoggett in the only hotel in town that accepts pets. Friendly neighbours send officials who catch all animals from the hotel: Cats, dogs, chimpanzees and many others. Babe, who managed to stay free, decides to help his new friends and gets unexpected help – not only by Ferdinand, who flew all the way to the city.

Film Review

The FIRST Babe was great. A wonderful story with interesting characters, and funny moments. Great for kids.This movie is a total disaster. It is twisted, dark, violent and has almost no connection to the original movie. It should not be classified as a family movie. And it should not be shown to little children.The story itself is stupid, bizarre and a waste of time. Whoever produced this was going through a heavy drug and alcohol abuse phase in their life. It has no redeeming value and is not suitable for children! What a disgrace of a movie.People who were expecting a light-hearted continuation of the original BABE will be greatly disappointed.

Once again, if it's illegal for someone who worked on a film to review it then dismiss this review, otherwise read on.I was the Art Dept Electrician on this film. It will always occupy a special place in my heart as the most demanding and enjoyable film I ever worked on. It was made at the height of the "golden age of Film" in Sydney Australia and it's demands stretched the ability of the industry here, especially when "The Matrix" began shooting alongside.There are a lot of Australian milestones on this film. To date it still holds the record (and is likely to for the foreseeable future) for the largest and most complex film back lot ever constructed in Australia. From beginning to end this film took 12 months in production. Months and months of night shoots were the order of the day. An enormous animal department was maintained on site for this film, the production being unique in the world. Unfortunately not many of these milestones are visible on scre…

Arthur Hoggett is injured within the first few minutes of this movie and is MIA for the rest of it. This turns out not to be so bad after all—at least, not for the audience. Because now, Esme gets to take center stage and have her own movie with the little pig. And that's great because she is a bubbly, fun character. She's lively, feisty, motherly, aggressive, honest, righteous, a little gullible, and sweet. She sets out with Babe to save the farm from the bank but unfortunately, they never even reach their destination—and all the action plays out in a strange city where they're stranded and forced to find a place to stay. Babe gets mixed up with a variety of city animals, some much more pleasant than others, and through all of their escapades, scary, sad, or otherwise, he ultimately winds up teaching the whole lot of them the lessons about simple kindness and courage that we know Babe is already famous for. He brings everyone together with his cute piggy power a…