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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Timothy Stack , Rachel Veltri , Angela Little , Lauren C. Mayhew , Chris Owen , Matt Barr , Jun Hee Lee , Crystle Lightning , Jason Earles , Arielle Kebbel , Tad Hilgenbrink , Eugene Levy , Ginger Lynn Allen , Russell Howard , Carla Alapont
Director: Steve Rash
Country: United States
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10 (24554 votes)

Matt Stifler, the younger brother of the legendary Steve Stifler, who made it big as Hollywood porn-producer and shamelessly ignores the idolizing kid brother, may claim the title of Stifmeister as his heritage, but even for his horniest mates he’s little more then a bad joke. When Matt alone gets caught red-handed for a prank with the school band’s instruments, present high school counselor Sherman ‘Sherminator’ finds great pleasure in taking revenge on him for the misbehavior Steve excelled even worse in, so instead of expelling the little prick, he condemns him to take part in band camp at Great Oaks, where Jim Levenstein’s still understanding dad is filling in for the feared problem counselor. As there are plenty of girls in the competing bands, Matt hopes to turn his (mis)fortune around by smuggling in camera equipment including a robot to shoot saucy, clandestine material for his counterpart to Steve’s hit video “Girls Gone Wild”, an at least as ‘revealing’ Bandies Gone Wild. Matt’s nerdy, yet also horny roomie Ernie was originally confined to the closet, but is promoted to assistant-producer when he proves himself an invaluable technician. Things get complicated as Matt becomes romantically involved with Elyse, his own school band’s director, whose ambition is to beat haughty five-fold winner Brandon Vandecamp -son of a famous, rich father- as band music composer and thus win a good shot at a scholarship for an exclusive music school. For her sake Matt turns musician (on the trivial triangle by her decree, bagpipes in surprising scenes) and proves his leadership skills, but courting a ‘decent’ girl just doesn’t square with voyeurism…

Film Review

The original American Pie pitched itself somewhere between Animal House and There's Something About Mary: a kind of warm-hearted, gross-out comedy about wayward, sex-obsessed teens. This travesty of a third sequel manages to turn the concept completely on its head by making a comedy FOR sex-obsessed teens, and ones who don't understand subtlety, irony or indeed humour. Where the original relied on a cast of average-looking males who generally stayed on the right side of lovable, this one focuses on the brother of that first film's deliberately irritating Stiffler. And this Stiffler, goes the brain-addled writers' pitch for Band Camp, is one whose antics we are supposed to rejoice at. What results is depressingly inane, and actually manages the feat of being more desperate and pathetic than Porky's, which the first film was (in the main) sending up. It is devoid of any laughs at all, and the worst thing is that Eugene Levy is in it. He looks, as he should, thor…

i am a huge fan of the American pie series, but these spin off's have been terrible apart from 'the naked mile' and 'beta house' which was funny, but not American pie. but this one is the worst because it tries to hard to mimic the original movies, i mean they get one of the worst actors I've ever seen, to do the worst Sean William Scott impression I've ever seen, for some reason Eugene levy is here as Jim's dad doing his awkward advice, and Sherman pops up as a school counciler, who sends stifler's little brother to band camp. cue then a load of gross out gags that are directly lifted from previous movies, i mean how cheap. the script is so terrible, the first half is very mean spirited, and then the second half cheesily tries to be sweet and be like the American pie movies, but it all fails, the whole thing wreaks of cash in from the very beginning, and nudity a staple of the series is non existent, so most fans will be disappointed just …

At 4 in the AM this one had me guessing if it was made before or after the AP films. The Stiffler is well played and his love interest looks amazingly like a young Julia Stiles? Worth losing a few winks of sleep to see? To bad they didn't bring the Kumar character back also. Gene Kline does his usual parental nit-wit self.Competition at a band camp is really a weak concept. Bandies would have enough trouble preparing for a concert less a competition.Truthfully most of the gags are the same ones as in the other American Pie Movies (genitals stuck where they shouldn't be, geek spy cams catching all kinds of "privates", gross eating jokes….). That they made the movie and managed to "sell" it is a testament to how little good original stuff is really out there P.S. Sherminator is totally unbelievable!