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Genres: Drama
Actors: Marcia Gay Harden , Forest Whitaker , Donald Sutherland , Lisa Long , Chris Warren Jr. , David Heymann , Chris Marquette , Amanda Seyfried , Nikki Reed , Joseph Kell , Tony Goldwyn , Rex Linn , Kevin Phillips , Davenia McFadden , Linda Cardellini
Director: Aric Avelino
Country: United States
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (2367 votes)

A series of interwoven story lines brings to light how the proliferation of guns in America dramatically influence and shape every day lives. A gun shop owner, an ace student, a single mother, and a school principal are among those profoundly affected.

Film Review

Some people on this site were comparing this movie to crash. At best this is a poor made after school movie. The movie never takes off, it drags, it wanders, it bores you to death. The only thing this movie made me want to do is buy a gun to put myself out of my misery. I watched it for free and I feel like I've been cheated. I should have been happy when it finally ended, but I was only left wondering why I had wasted the last hour of my life watching this movie. I noticed that there were about 20 songs in the credits but I must have been so numb with boredom that I can't recall a single line being played. Each song must have been uniquely unremarkable. The cherry on the top of this little masterpiece was Donald Sutherlands character, he easily could have been replaced by a rambling old man with senility taken off your local public transportation line.

Three stories unfold in Aric Avelino's touching and sometimes difficult movie American GUN. Two of them appear to be related to each other even though they occur on opposite sides of the country, the link being shootings at a high school not unlike Columbine (and its aftermath), the link between the three the ever-present, dangerous object that we know of as the gun.Right at the start, snippets of the high school tragedy unfold amidst newsreels, pictures of the students killed in the massacre, and most distressing of all, the image of students fleeing from a study room, caught on a surveillance camera, as later on, the two armed kids enter the picture. Even more anguishing is the fact that even before they make their visible appearance, they can be heard via their deadly approach: the echoing sound of bullets hitting unspeakable targets.The mother of one of the killers, Janet, carries much of the emotional weight of the story since from the start, fingers point at her as the reaso…

Character study interweaves different American's particular situations dealing with guns, and although there are some heartfelt moments and subtle touches of authenticity, this movie generally wastes the majority of it's time trying to get viewers involved with characters that are inadequately portrayed, with direction that is competent at best. While there are moments of surprising observation and relevance, throughout the movie most of these character's barely make a register on the viewers emotions due to the detached approach the filmmaker choose, I suppose as an attempt to emulate realism and lend the film some depth. Unfortunately, this backfires, as Avelino simply does not have the ammunition suitable to deliver the riveting drama he attempts here. While a few of the stories retain slight interest, no doubt due to the sometimes worthwhile cast, at least half of the plot here veers off to a tangent that really has no substance in dealing with the topic at hand, or th…